Arbitration Services

Arbitration Services and Case Management

The BVI IAC provides administrative and concierge support in international arbitrations involving various combinations of states, state entities, international organizations and private parties.

The BVI IAC provides full administrative and concierge services in support of parties and arbitrators conducting arbitral proceedings under its auspices, serving as the official channel of communications and ensuring safe custody of documents. The BVI IAC also provides services such as financial administration, logistical and technical support for meetings and hearings, travel arrangements, and general secretarial and linguistic support.

A staff member of the Secretariat may be appointed as registrar or administrative secretary for a case and carry out administrative tasks at the direction of the arbitral tribunal.

Registry Services

Parties may agree or tribunals may request that the BVI IAC provide any of the following registry services:

  • Communications between the parties and the arbitral tribunal and between the parties;
  • Maintaining an archive of filings and correspondence;
  • Making all arrangements concerning fees and advance deposits to be made on account of such fees in consultation with the parties and the arbitral tribunal;
  • Holding the party deposits and disbursing tribunal fees and expenses;
  • Assisting the arbitral tribunal to establish the date, time and place of hearings, and giving such advance notice thereof to the parties as the tribunal determines;
  • Making its hearing and meeting rooms available to the parties and the arbitral tribunal;
  • Making arrangements for transcription, recording, interpretation, translation, catering, or other support associated with hearings or meetings at the IAC or elsewhere, the costs of which shall be borne by the parties;
  • Assisting with travel and hotel reservations; and
  • Carrying out any other tasks entrusted to it by the parties or the arbitral tribunal.

Other Services:

Fund Holding

I. Holding security for fees and expenses on behalf of Arbitrators, Mediators and Adjudicators

Following a one-off fee of $250, the BVI IAC will charge the parties at the rate of $100 per hour for time spent administering the funds lodged by the parties.

II. Holding security for the amount in dispute or security for costs as directed by the Arbitrator, Mediator or Adjudicator

The BVI IAC will charge the parties for receiving, holding and disbursing these funds at the rate of 0.5% p.a. of the amount held by way of security.

Expert Appointing Authority

The BVI IAC can act as Appointing Authority for experts, providing it is given jurisdiction in the expert determination clause or by a post dispute agreement. An application can be submitted to BVI IAC by email (, or by post. The application shall be accompanied by payment of US$1,000 as the Appointment Fee to the account of BVIIAC. BVI IAC reserves the right to charge additional fees where the circumstances so require.