International Arbitration in the Caribbean

Our CEO, Mr. Francois Lassalle, and our Registrar, Ms. Hana Doumal, recently authored an article on International Arbitration in the Caribbean published in The Arbitration Review of the Americas 2022 by Global Arbitration Review (GAR). 

GAR is the world's leading international arbitration journal and news service. The article provides a brief insight into the intensification of arbitration in the Caribbean region as illustrated by those countries’ attempts to institute the necessary framework to establish themselves as international arbitration centres. It examines the extent to which territories have modernised their legal systems to make them conducive to international arbitration by modernising their arbitration legislation and ratifying the New York Convention 1958.

The impact of the global economy and the continuing trend of the increasing volume, size and complexity of cross-border transactions fuelled the demand for international arbitration as a means for resolving transnational disputes. International arbitration is now the accepted mechanism for dispute resolution between parties to international commercial agreements and allows companies to avoid national courts in favour of a demonstrably neutral predetermined decision-maker that the parties have the opportunity to choose.

To read this article, please visit this LINK.