The British Virgin Islands International Arbitration Centre Announces Publication in GAR

TORTOLA, British Virgin Islands (September 14, 2022) - The British Virgin Islands International Arbitration Centre (BVI IAC), an independent not-for-profit institution serving the demands for dispute resolution in the international business community, today announced the publication of GAR’s The Arbitration Review of the Americas 2023, with a chapter contributed by the Centre’s CEO, Francois Lassalle and Registrar, Hana Doumal. The chapter provides a brief insight into the intensification of arbitration in the Caribbean, and it examines how far Caribbean territories have modernised their legal systems to make them conducive to international arbitration by updating their legislation and ratifying the New York Convention.

The chapter, entitled “International arbitration in the Caribbean” examines the rise of international arbitration in the Caribbean, a region where this dispute settlement mechanism has not been traditionally promoted, as seen in the archaic nature of domestic arbitration laws in many jurisdictions. The chapter reveals that, historically, jurisdictions in the region have not paid particular attention to the promotion of international arbitration. Nevertheless, over the past few years, there has been an intensification in the promotion of international arbitration, with various jurisdictions upgrading their domestic arbitration legislation, the adoption of the New York Convention for countries that had not previously adopted it and the emergence of several aspiring international arbitration institutions in the region.

“It has been an honour to contribute this important chapter to GAR’s Americas Arbitration Review 2023,” said Francois Lassalle, BVI IAC CEO. “Since the Centre’s founding, we have tirelessly promoted arbitration in the Caribbean. We are excited to watch arbitration’s growth over the last six years and this chapter documents some of the challenges faced by Caribbean territories and the successes we’ve seen from our combined efforts to promote the Caribbean as an advantageous arbitral seat.”

Lassalle and Doumal’s abstract from GAR’s, The Arbitration Review of the Americas 2023, can be found here. The whole publication is available at

About the British Virgin Islands International Arbitration Centre

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